Secret Ingredients

A film by Jeffrey Smith and Amy Hart

Secret Ingredients is a film by Jeffrey Smith and Amy Hart about GMOs and pesticides. It shares the stories of families that have healed from chronic diseases by eliminating GMOs and pesticides from their diet. Their stories are backed up by scientists and physicians who explain the science behind health risks of GMOs.


Thank you for your support! Your donations will go towards the completion of our film, Secret Ingredients. We have already finished all of the shooting and completely edited the storyline - we just need support for the animation and motion graphics.

Donations may be made in one of three ways:

1. Directly to Secret Ingredients through PAYPAL:

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Checks may be made out to "San Francisco Film Society"  FSP 1519 and mailed to:
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Please indicate FSP number: "FSP 1519 Secret Ingredients" in the memo of the check. Thank you!

Note: When making a donation through our fiscal sponsor there is a 7% is deducted from the donation amount to cover their fee. This deduction is waived when donating directly through PayPal. Thank you for your support.


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