Secret Ingredients

A film by Jeffrey Smith and Amy Hart

Secret Ingredients is a film by Jeffrey Smith and Amy Hart about GMOs and pesticides. It shares the stories of families that have healed from chronic diseases by eliminating GMOs and pesticides from their diet. Their stories are backed up by scientists and physicians who explain the science behind health risks of GMOs.

Happy New Year!


Here we are in 2017 and SECRET INGREDIENTS is completely edited! Woo hoo! We're just doing the music now with amazing musicians, Donna De Lory and Ben Leinbach. Donna has been devoted to living an Organic lifestyle her whole life - so we're honored to be working with such a talented musician who walks the talk. She gets it! And we love her music. Ben is amazing as well and we are blessed to be collaborating with him too. His music is medicine for the soul. 

We will keep you posted on the release date! It's coming soon. Thanks for hanging in there with us. In the meantime, keep eating organic and sharing your good food with your friends and family. 

We welcome you to keep in touch with us on Facebook and share the trailer with your friends and family. And yes, we are still accepting donations - it all goes towards polishing up the film! Thank you! 

Safe eating,

Jeffrey and Amy