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“Amazingly POWERFUL and EMPOWERING movie!” ~ Olga D. RevCon

While the debate rages on about GMOs and pesticides, this powerful film by Amy Hart and Jeffrey Smith, shares remarkable stories of people who regain their health after discovering the secret ingredients in their food and making a bold commitment to avoid them. SECRET INGREDIENTS is premiering around the country and will be available via DVD and streaming in the Fall.  Sign up for our list to stay informed on the exact release date.

SECRET INGREDIENTS shares the heartfelt story of Kathleen and her family of five who were collectively struggling with 21 chronic diseases. They did everything the doctors suggested, but nothing seemed to work – until Kathleen took matters into her own hands. Everything changed when she identified the secret ingredients hidden in the foods they were eating – and eliminated them completely from their household. Now her entire family is the picture of good health.

Kathleen’s experience is not uncommon. In the film, we see people recover from numerous diseases and disorders including digestive problems, allergies, skin conditions, cancer and tumors, obesity, brain fog, infertility, asthma and autism. Two boys in the film who were diagnosed with autism and were unable to speak are now thriving in mainstream classrooms. Several couples that couldn’t get pregnant are now proud parents of healthy babies. These claims are backed up by physicians and scientists who explain how GMOs, Roundup and other pesticides can disrupt our biological systems and compromise our health.

Secret Ingredients offers a perspective rarely seen in our mainstream media. After seeing this film, you may feel empowered to take charge of the foods you and your family are eating in a whole new way.

Featuring: Kathleen & Stephen DiChiara and family, Jeffrey Smith, Dr. David Perlmutter, Dr. Michelle Perro, Dr. Marcia Schaeffer, Patricia Escoto,  and Zen Honeycutt, Mike & Linda Gioscia, Bella & Brian Lemieux, Emily Niesen, Mai Provost and members of their families.

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