Community Screenings

The Secret Ingredients movie really changed my perspective, even though I’m a lifetime organic farmer and organic food advocate. I was amazed at how quickly and effectively ailments can be healed when toxic chemicals are removed from the diet.– David Stelzer, Founder & CEO of Azure Standard

The film shares many powerful stories of people who regained their health after changing to an all organic diet, free of GMOs, Roundup and other toxic pesticides. Skin and digestive conditions disappear; cancer patients now have a clean bill of health; autistic children are now thriving; infertile couples now have healthy babies. These experiences are backed up by physicians, scientists and experts who explain the science, and the political history of GMOs and Roundup.

We are excited that you have chosen to hold a community screening event to share the truth of secret ingredients with your audience. Before holding the screening, please ensure that you have obtained a Public Performance License. This ensures that you will be protected from violating Title 17 of the Federal Copyright Act which prohibits the viewing of a movie or show outside of the home, regardless of whether you have rented or bought it. Thank you for protecting the integrity of the project by ensuring you follow the law while viewing.

Due to the special relationship that Azure has with the producers we can offer you the ability to watch Secret Ingredients at no cost, and also provide you with a permanent screening link.

We thank you for being respectful of the usage of the screening link. The link will be monitored to ensure that it is being utilized only for PUBLIC, COMMUNITY screenings.

Community Showing

This COMMUNITY SCREENING LICENSE (CSL) grants the licensee permission show SECRET INGREDIENTS (the “FILM”) in their community to audiences of up to 500 people. The license is valid in perpetuity and covers an unlimited number of screenings.

The license covers screenings in homes, places of worships, community centers, farms, conference centers, theaters and other venues, but does not apply to schools and libraries.

Important Details

  • Format: Both Streaming and DVD include optional closed captions.
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Term: Indefinite
  • Maximum Screenings: Unlimited
  • Total Run Time: 80 min
  • Price: License fee waived

License Fee

Waived due to special agreement between Azure Standard and Secret Ingredients.